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CRB Build Process

Our goal with each project is to make each phase as clear and easy for the client as possible. We have a proven process, and will walk you through each step. We do not rush this process, or skip steps. A rushed project without all the needed planning is frustrating for everyone. A well planned and coordinated project will see the actual work done smoothly and surprisingly quickly, once the work is started. 
With selections- for example, if flooring needs to be selected, you will not be sent out on your own to go find it. CRB will take you to our preferred vendors where we will work with our sales rep, and with a list of specific items to be selected. Across the board of selections and choices that you the client need to make, we work to make it as simple and straightforward as possible. 

CRB works to make sure you have clear understanding of each phase, and will walk the project with you at various phases to confirm all details. 



Initial consultation

No cost. 

I (Clayton Robshaw) will come out and visit with you about your project. This is a time to discuss ideas, possibilities, budget considerations, etc. The goal is to establish a scope of work that reflects your desired outcome and generally fits into your budget. I will give my feedback and opinions as to what can be done and what costs might be, while trying as much as possible to achieve the concept you desire. 

If needed, I will take photos and measurements, and sketch out general concepts. 

I will then provide a written estimate for your project, including all notes and sketches. This will not be a final contract amount, but a realistic estimated price based on my experience with similar jobs and knowledge of general construction costs. Depending on size of project, you may receive this estimate within a couple days or it may take a week or more. 


Signed Estimate

5% retainer. 

With the signing of the estimate, that move project to the next phase. CRB will collect UP TO 5% of the total cost as a retainer to begin working on truly pricing out your project. 

This will include any design work or construction plans, as needed. CRB will work with you to make all detail and finish selections, such as what combination of brick/rock/siding on exterior, or what flooring in what rooms, or what plumbing fixtures, etc. The goal here is to work through all aspects of construction details and options to create a thorough building plan and final pricing based on real plans, specs, and selections. 

This price may be more or less than original estimate. 


Project build

Once final contract is signed, and agreed upon first draw collected- CRB will place project into build schedule, and establish a proposed start date. 


Start date will depend on several factors- size of project, subcontractor and vendor schedules, product and material lead times, etc. 


Client will be updated on project start and have appropriate time to prepare space for workers. 


Once project is actually started, Clayton will be on site daily when work is happening to confirm all work and materials are properly installed. 

Client will have access to schedule, selections, change orders, budget, and payment history on CRB project management page from planning to project completion. 

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